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The Green Consortium - leading organisations through every stage of the green renewable project process30th June 2013

The Green Consortium was founded in 2012 through the association of Britmet Tileform Ltd, Campbell & Kennedy Ltd, Orsis (UK) Ltd and Property Revolutions Ltd – four companies that have specialist knowledge and experience in the different stages of green energy system installation, offering a complete solution to your green challenges.

From consultancy and supply through to installation and monitoring, The Consortium has extensive commercial and public sector contract experience and has been nominated as the Solar PV consultant of choice for the NHS.

Green Technology Projects: The Process

The Green Consortium will lead organisations through every stage of the green renewable project process. For instance, to start off, The Consortium provides organisations with concise and relevant advice on all forthcoming and recent legislation, such as the Green Deal, as well as providing advice on the best options to reduce energy costs, secure funding and optimise design and specification.

Following initial consultation, through unique supply chain connections, The Consortium can recommend and source the best quality and value products on the market place.

Having worked with numerous public and private sector organisations over the years, The Consortium understands the importance of delivering cost-effective solutions to a high standard, on-time and on-budget. All installations are carefully planned and contingency plans put in place.

Finally, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the green technology installation, The Green Consortium helps organisations with measures to monitor energy activity.

Ultimately, The Green Consortium is an end-to-end service for any green project.

Solar PV: The Benefits

Aside from the obvious benefits such as reduced carbon emissions and reduction in electricity costs, there is money to be made by investing in technologies such as solar PV. For instance, despite reductions in the Feed-in tariff, when taking into consideration the payments received from electricity going back to the grid, the reduction in the cost of solar panels themselves, the expected increase in electricity costs (which are forecast to continue rising by 20% per annum to 2020), and the reduction of costs associated with Solar PV materials , solar PV installations will still provide you with a return on investment.

Investing in green technologies also allows businesses to demonstrate to their clients that they are committed to protecting the environment that we live in.

What’s more, given recent headlines that the UK could face a return to 70s style power rationing to prevent blackouts, investing in renewable energy such as solar PV doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Yes the headlines may be dramatic, but there has been speculation about power outages in the future due to rising demand.

Experience is vital

Currently, The Consortium is working with several hospitals and NHS trusts to deliver strategies to reduce energy costs as well as improve patient outcomes by creating alternatives to cutting budgets for vital services.

While the members of The Green Consortium only officiated their collaboration last year, the companies have been working together for a number of years and have worked on several large-scale commercial projects.

Included in this are installations for hotels such as Travelodge and installations for social housing providers and Local Authorities such as B3 Living and Babergh District Council for their commercial buildings.

If you would like to find out more about how The Green Consortium could help you please don’t hesitate to call 01295 250998 or email



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