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Sponsored property blog: Are Property Prices in the UK Bouncing Back?6th December 2013

prices of homes and land in the UK may be beginning to rallyEverybody, unless they have been living on the moon for the past five years, knows the UK economy has been going through some tough times and this has been reflected by plummeting house prices due to the fact that many people simply could not afford to buy. However, there is now a buzz around the financial pages of the newspapers, among the TV analysts and within the property market at large, which suggests prices of homes and land in the UK may be beginning to rally.

Harbingers of Hope?
The country’s second largest mortgage lending company, the Nationwide building society, has recently released figures, which suggest that house prices are now rising on average by 6.5 per cent a year, a figure up from 5.8 per cent just a month ago. There is no doubt, at face value, this research gives hope to those looking to sell land in the UK and also those perusing resources like to find land for sale, but there are also reasons to be more cautious about the supposed recovery.

Notes of Caution
Recent Research by Countrywide PLC, a noted property services group, however, has dissected the figures further and discovered a huge degree of regional difference amongst the data. Their analysis of property with land for sale around Great Britain has uncovered the fact that largely it is only within London and the South East where prices have risen above the top level achieved back in 2008. This report goes further too, suggesting that in over half of all local authorities prices are still more than 5 per cent below these 2008 numbers and don’t seem likely to reach them in the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean the rally will not spread to other areas eventually, and the impressive recovery within London and the South East is worth dwelling upon.

First Signs of Recovery
The same research by Countrywide PLC states that there are in fact 17 local authorities within the country’s capital which boast prices which currently stand at more than 10 per cent above what they were in 2008 and are still rising. This is clearly significant, and it may not be too optimistic to suggest that the trend is so significant it will only be a matter of time before it spreads out of the capital and to the rest of the nation. It may well therefore, be a good time to seek out a method of finding great value homes and land to rent and purchase.

Finding Property With Land for Sale in the UK
If one does subscribe to the more optimistic view that the upward trend in the market shown within the nation’s capital, then it may well be a good time to buy in other areas in the hope that your investment will rise in value in the near future. As mentioned earlier some people do choose to use the web to source potential property or land, and the aforementioned resource allows for particular parameters to be applied to a search so that you may locate exactly what you’re looking for.  

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