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Top four alternative uses of business storage space11th February 2014

Self-storage units can present the affordable solution for commercial storage requirementsAs a business owner, you may be familiar with the need for increased office space to store additional merchandise and surplus supplies. Office space rental in crowded business districts can extend costs, underlining the benefits of a reliable business storage service from an experienced storage company like Len Lothian Store & More. Their self-storage units in Edinburgh and Glasgow present the affordable solution for all commercial storage requirements.

Businesses choose secure storage rooms to hold office furniture during renovations and the transition between locations, but have you considered the alternative uses of business storage units? Read on to find out some less obvious uses of self-storage facilities:

January Sales: In the retail industry, the beginning of a new year is marked by sales and an influx of bargain-hunters in shops across the UK. With limited floor space and expensive overhead costs, it is imperative for a business to maximise room. Local businesses can rent commercial storage units from Len Lothian Store & More to store disassembled Christmas decorations and materials from previous corporate initiatives, freeing up valuable room for new stock and current promotional items.

Slow Moving Stock: Stock is affected by seasonal trends and popularity of goods, often, is a transient feature of commerce. Businesses can hire commercial storage space to keep ‘slow moving’ stock products. By using storage units at Len Lothian Store & More, you'll be able to free up space for more profitable inventory.

Virtual Warehouse: Self-storage units can be used as a private warehouse in which you can extend your product lines without renting additional property or hiring extra staff. This will allow you to continue working from your existing office space instead of moving to a larger complex.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Free up vital space in your office by using business storage units for exhibition and trade show stock. Stall equipment and posters serve a purpose at marketing events, but such corporate accessories are rarely used throughout the rest of the year.

To create an uncluttered office space or to store seasonal merchandise, consider Len Lothian’s commercial storage rooms. This family-owned company provides a flexible, alternative solution for your dormant inventory.  

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