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The Benefits of Interior Wall Cladding for Commercial Kitchens17th June 2014

Hygiene and cleanliness in a commercial kitchen should be a top priorityWhen it comes to running a commercial kitchen, hygiene and cleanliness should be a top priority. Unhygienic kitchens can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, which can lead to customers suffering illnesses like food poisoning. The increased workload of commercial kitchens means they are at much greater risk due to the large quantities of food being prepared.

While it may be easy to clean your kitchen work surfaces, it’s a little more difficult to clean uneven areas like tiled walls and painted plaster work. Many modern commercial kitchens are solving this problem by installing interior wall cladding. Commercial kitchen interior cladding suppliers like Extraction Canopy can provide convenient, easy-to-clean kitchen wall cladding for commercial kitchens of all kinds.

How can installing interior wall cladding help your commercial kitchen?

  1. Easy to Clean - Commercial kitchen wall cladding provides a smooth wall surface, making cleaning a far less arduous task. All you need do is spray and wipe with a cleaning agent, saving plenty of time.
  2. Modern Look - You don’t see many kitchens with 1970s lime green avocado tiling anymore. Wall cladding gives a neutral, modern, professional look to a commercial kitchen, with the bright, clean effect of white uPVC or silver stainless steel giving an immediate impression of cleanliness to those entering.
  3. Durability - Kitchen wall cladding is more much durable and resistant than tiling or plaster to environmental factors. It is highly resistant to corrosion, rust and stains, and thus makes a great choice for a busy commercial kitchen.
  4. Safety and Protection - Interior cladding can provide protection and reinforcement to the walls of a structure as it is resistant to high temperature changes and will prevent interior walls soaking up moisture.
  5. No Shedding - Old paint or plasterwork can flake and cause debris to fall onto kitchen surfaces and the floor. Installing wall cladding means you won't have to worry about customers discovering paint flakes in their dinner.

Attractive and modern, hygienic and clean – there really is no reason not to install interior wall cladding in your commercial kitchen. Contact interior wall cladding and commercial kitchen ventilation experts like Extraction Canopy and your commercial kitchen will be on its way to being a safer, healthier, happier and ultimately more profitable place. 

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