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Clear the air with an odour control system25th July 2014

Clear the air with an odour control systemThe work of a commercial kitchen often leads to a work environment that’s filled with greasy, bad-smelling air, which is at best unpleasant and at worst harmful. These odours can cause anything from minor irritation to health problems for kitchen staff and customers. Objectionable food odours emitted from commercial kitchens can be a particular problem if the business is located near either residential buildings or offices and other places of work.

It is therefore important to have proper commercial kitchen ventilation in place complete with an odour control system. Installing such a system will help control unpleasant odours and ensure that your commercial kitchen remains an agreeable environment in which to work. There are many different types of odour control system to choose from - to find the right one for you, enlist the help of commercial kitchen ventilation specialists such as Extraction Canopy UK, who are well-known suppliers of commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems.

Installing a proper odour control system as opposed to, say, placing an air freshener in the kitchen has a number of advantages:

  • It will eliminate the odour, rather than merely covering it
  • No residues or liquid substances will be left on food
  • The risk of fire will be lowered
  • Risks to the health of your workforce and customers are fewer
  • It encourages the installation and upkeep of an industrial extractor fan, which is now a legal requirement

Different types of odour control systems for commercial kitchen setups include:

Carbon Filters: A carbon filter permanent suspension ventilation module is especially useful while cooking fried foods or foods with strong odours. Such a system will cause any contaminated air in your commercial kitchen to pass through a carbon filter which will absorb the majority of chemical molecules in the airstream. Professional suppliers like Extraction Canopy UK provides carbon filter modules which ensure that no dust or other by-products are left behind from the extraction process.

Electrostatic Precipitators: These highly efficient odour control systems help to remove large dust and grease particles in the air stream by ionising and filtering them onto collector plates.

ON 100 Odour Neutraliser: This device should be installed in the ducting of a commercial kitchen, upstream of your extractor fan. Once the majority of contaminants have been removed, the malodour is then treated with the help of a specially blended neutralising agent, with the decontaminated air then released into the environment using the extractor fan.

UV-C Odour Control Technology: This environmentally friendly system makes use of ultraviolet light to break down the tiny organic compounds causing the odour.

Unpleasant food odours can have numerous adverse effects for a commercial kitchen. Avoid these by installing an odour control system alongside your ventilation setup and see – or rather, smell, the difference. 

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