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March 2015What are the challenges facing the shale gas industry?

What are the legal structures for the delivery of community benefits advocated by the industry itself and by the legislation.

March 2015Substantiation is the key to dilapidations

What are the variables that can affect the course of a dilapidations negotiation.

March 2015How can skyscrapers impact on their surroundings?

Reports of a third steel bolt falling from the 47-storey landmark Leadenhall Building in London, commonly known as “the Cheese Grater”, bring into sharp focus the unusual, and always headline...

January 2015Meeting government austerity with a property strategy for the future

austerity measures continue to apply pressure to public sector budgets as ongoing financial cut backs make it necessary to implement property strategies that represent significant efficiency savings.

January 2015What is the outlook for construction and property in Wales for 2015

The property and construction industries are seen as prime indicators for the outlook of the economy in general and it is no different here in Wales than it is elsewhere in the UK, including London.

January 2015Can the housebuilding industry cope with increasing demand for new homes?

According to the Home Builders Federation, 2014 was an incredibly positive year for the housebuilding industry, with building growth returning to levels not seen since before the 2008 recession.

January 2015Landlords can be liable for tenant breaches of environmental permits

There will be occasions when granting a lease to a waste management company seems a sensible commercial decision, for example where a landowner has an area of land it does not otherwise use, which may be suitable for waste management operations

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