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The commercial canopy at work12th May 2014

Commercial canopies can enhance a propertyCanopies are one of the most convenient and practical ways to add character to a commercial property. With so many options to select from, it can sometimes be a little difficult to choose the right one. Experienced industry experts like 123v can help you make the correct choice; they provide canopies for all purposes, including commercial canopies, carports and domestic installations.

Commercial Canopies

Commercial canopy structures serve numerous purposes across UK work places, loading bays and supermarkets. Custom made canopies adorned with a company logo and colour can enhance your marketing technique and improve branding strategy. Within the commercial canopies category, there are specific types available:

  • Smoking Shelters – With the Smoke-free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006 being introduced, the need to provide workers, and consumers with ideal cover for smoking areas outside an office complex, warehouse building, restaurant or pub was required. When investing in a smoking shelter you will be not only going some way in adhering to government regulations, but also creating a safe, designated area in which to smoke outside of your commercial property.
  • Equipment Protection – A commercial canopy can provide robust warehouse covers for companies across the UK, utilising these structures in a way that ensures both the materials you store and labourers you employ remain dry in time of inclement weather.
  • Walkways – Most commercial buildings require canopies for their walkways to ensure that people are comfortable under the shade and out of the rain, but a covered walkway can be used for more than just an item of cost-effective weather protection. A covered walkway can also act as a direct link for businesses between offices, easing movement between complexes considerably.

Car Canopies

Carport canopies offer shelter, aesthetic value and add other practical benefits to your work place. These structures are firm and sturdy and will protect your vehicle from any extreme weather conditions. In a commercial setting, carports can shelter workers during unfavourable conditions, providing a weatherproof shield beneath which goods can be loaded and unloaded.

Canopies can be customised with high grade materials according to the weather conditions of your location. By choosing a professional canopy installation company like 123v, you can install a custom canopy for the office, according to specific preferences and necessities.

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