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How to Ensure an Environmentally-Friendly Office Clearance29th April 2015

Office interiorAn office clearance can command time and expense, whether during an office redecoration, following a company’s liquidation or if a few items are in need of a refresh. Prior to a transfer to new premises, consideration of where to discard outmoded furniture and redundant office equipment will reduce the strain of the upheaval.

Need to throw out old – yet confidential – documents? Want to dispose of archive files securely? A nationwide paper shredding company such as Datashredders can destroy it all.

In a modern office, there is almost nothing which cannot be retained, reused or recycled.

Computers and other Electronic Equipment

Though your computers are probably no longer cutting-edge, there’s no need to send them to landfill. Models in good working order will sell for a decent price on many online auction sites, and even broken or very old machines can be sold for spare parts.


Putting chairs and desks up for auction and arranging delivery logistics are more arduous tasks than organising the same for electronic equipment, and the financial rewards may not be worth the time and effort. You can keep your old office furniture out of landfill though; plenty of websites exist offering used furniture for free to those able to collect it. Doing this not only offers a stress-free way of getting rid of furniture, it also guarantees that it goes to help somebody who needs it.

Paper and Cardboard

Chances are you’ve built up stacks and stacks of paperwork since your business began operating, most of it confidential. Simply binning it when you clear your office isn’t an option – not only is the bin a goldmine for identity thieves, fraudsters and rival businesses looking to steal your trade secrets, but sending paper to landfill is extremely bad for the environment. Kill two birds with one stone by getting in touch with a paper shredding and confidential waste disposal company such as Datashredders, who provide mobile and onsite shredding services throughout the UK, have a double shredding machine rendering confidential information completely irretrievable, and recycle 99% of their shredded paper.

A sustainable society is one which reuses and recycles waste, with very little sent to landfill. Businesses have a responsibility to do their bit, particularly when disposing of large amounts of surplus goods from their premises. Luckily, confidential waste disposal companies like Datashredders make it easy for all kinds of businesses across the UK to have a smooth, stress-free and, most importantly, green office clearance. 

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